Thursday, June 7, 2007

Back to the future..

Today we watched the back to the future.

This movie was made at 22 years ago.
when we whached before, I think 'maybe this movie is boring'
but, watched the movie after i think 'this movie is good'

back to the future is romantic comedy movie.
main actor is Michael J fox (marty) , chirstopher Lloyd (doc)
marty is a boy . and doc is old doctor.
um ,,, what a day , the doc make a timemachine.
but, suddenly come out the killer.
and doctor doc is die.

so marty is desertion in the past.
marty is meet his dad, and mom.
but, his father is timidity. so bill is always dostress his father.
so marty help him.
I think that the scene is very interesting .

and later, he want to back his life.
so doctor doc is help him.
and he send massage to doctor doc.
but, doctor doc rend the message and parting.

again actuality,
doctor doc have shoot too.
but, he wearing a bulletproof jacket.
so he alive. actually not dead.

before doctor doc rend the message
but later he return to the former condition.
so he have a life.

ending scene , he come back home.
and meet his girlfriend.

and go to the his future with doctor doc, his girlfriend.

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kylie said...

THis is a good post. I am glad that you liked the movie. IT is one of my favourites.