Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today is wednesday.
I stay hear 17 days.
during 17 days , I have many happen.
First. I have a foreigner friend.
Chinese, Japanese, Australian, Korean.
now, I'm not lonely.
When I come to Australia, I'm so lonely. at night I always crying.
but now, I'm not crying.
Day by day I'm so interesting.

Sometimes I'm go to City, eat Korean food
and buy something.

I am go to UIL.
sometimes UIL is boaring.
but, most day I'm happy.
but, I'm so tired.
because I get up 6:30am clock.
6:30am is so early for me.
every morning, I'm fight to me.
That is so difficult.
sometimes I get up 7:00am.
then I am sooooooo busy.

so most day is tired for me.
but, at night I cant go to bad.
a cause I dont know. T.T

In UIL , most interesting is activity day.
I like activity.
Im go to city just one time.
because my boarding is severity.
but activity day I go to somewhere.
so I like so much.
I always expectation activity day.

I must speak English.
but is very very difficult.
I dont know grammer.

I can listen some story.
but, I cant speak.
so Im very painful.
always Im difficult.
In class , I'm very painful and stuffy.
but I dont have confident.

so conversation is very difficult for me.
but, some days after, I can speak English.
I believe it.

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