Thursday, May 31, 2007

My favorite animal

My favorite animal is dog.
When I was young , I stay alone at my home.
because my parents very busy.

so, I dont like alone.
That the time I have a small dog.
The dog was female.

I am always with her(?).

so I am not alone. I am so happy.
from that date I love dog.

I have wtill the dog(her)
now she is 13years old.

um,,4 years ago, she have a baby.
but now she doesnt have.
because the baby was die.

when the baby die, I am so sad.
I dont want eat anything.
everyday I crying.

sometimes I miss the baby dog.


kylie said...

This is a good first blog. Keep working hard and your ENglish will quickly improve

sung joo said...

Thank you kylie ^^
your photo is so nice ~~ ♡