Friday, June 22, 2007


Yesterday atcivity is bowling.
It is my first time so difficult to me.
We enjoy to game.
first game is so funny.
We didn't used bumper.
so sometimes throw out to gatta.(??)
but interesting.

but second game is boring.
because we are tired and, we used bumper.
so we didn't enjoy to bowling.

and bowling ball is so heavy.
so my wrist is painful.

and,,, we go to shoping center.
In shoping center, we have a lunch and rest.

this activity is funny ~ ^^

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today is wednesday.
I stay hear 17 days.
during 17 days , I have many happen.
First. I have a foreigner friend.
Chinese, Japanese, Australian, Korean.
now, I'm not lonely.
When I come to Australia, I'm so lonely. at night I always crying.
but now, I'm not crying.
Day by day I'm so interesting.

Sometimes I'm go to City, eat Korean food
and buy something.

I am go to UIL.
sometimes UIL is boaring.
but, most day I'm happy.
but, I'm so tired.
because I get up 6:30am clock.
6:30am is so early for me.
every morning, I'm fight to me.
That is so difficult.
sometimes I get up 7:00am.
then I am sooooooo busy.

so most day is tired for me.
but, at night I cant go to bad.
a cause I dont know. T.T

In UIL , most interesting is activity day.
I like activity.
Im go to city just one time.
because my boarding is severity.
but activity day I go to somewhere.
so I like so much.
I always expectation activity day.

I must speak English.
but is very very difficult.
I dont know grammer.

I can listen some story.
but, I cant speak.
so Im very painful.
always Im difficult.
In class , I'm very painful and stuffy.
but I dont have confident.

so conversation is very difficult for me.
but, some days after, I can speak English.
I believe it.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Back to the future..

Today we watched the back to the future.

This movie was made at 22 years ago.
when we whached before, I think 'maybe this movie is boring'
but, watched the movie after i think 'this movie is good'

back to the future is romantic comedy movie.
main actor is Michael J fox (marty) , chirstopher Lloyd (doc)
marty is a boy . and doc is old doctor.
um ,,, what a day , the doc make a timemachine.
but, suddenly come out the killer.
and doctor doc is die.

so marty is desertion in the past.
marty is meet his dad, and mom.
but, his father is timidity. so bill is always dostress his father.
so marty help him.
I think that the scene is very interesting .

and later, he want to back his life.
so doctor doc is help him.
and he send massage to doctor doc.
but, doctor doc rend the message and parting.

again actuality,
doctor doc have shoot too.
but, he wearing a bulletproof jacket.
so he alive. actually not dead.

before doctor doc rend the message
but later he return to the former condition.
so he have a life.

ending scene , he come back home.
and meet his girlfriend.

and go to the his future with doctor doc, his girlfriend.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

My favorite animal

My favorite animal is dog.
When I was young , I stay alone at my home.
because my parents very busy.

so, I dont like alone.
That the time I have a small dog.
The dog was female.

I am always with her(?).

so I am not alone. I am so happy.
from that date I love dog.

I have wtill the dog(her)
now she is 13years old.

um,,4 years ago, she have a baby.
but now she doesnt have.
because the baby was die.

when the baby die, I am so sad.
I dont want eat anything.
everyday I crying.

sometimes I miss the baby dog.